Women's Studies

The Center for Women's Studies is an academic department in the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Wichita State. It is dedicated to offering educational and leadership opportunities in the classroom and in public programming. Originating from a single course in 1971, the WSU Center is one of the oldest women's studies departments in the country and is recognized as a premier, community-oriented program.

The mission of the Center for Women's Studies is to improve women's lives by placing women at the center of inquiry in the creation and transformation of knowledge. Its interdisciplinary curriculum provides a balanced and comprehensive view of women in culture and society.

The Plaza of Heroines was established in 1998 through the Center for Women’s Studies Community Council Advisory Board, the WSU Endowment Association, and the faculty in Women’s Studies. In the past, the board, WSU Endowment Association, and Center for Women’s Studies sponsored programming aimed at increasing the Plaza of Heroine’s visibility in Wichita. Currently, the Plaza of Heroines continues to grow through the generosity of those who choose to honor women in it.